Wed. Jun 12th, 2024
spring landscape design

You will need the right landscaping supplies for spring and summer to ensure a lush lawn. These are the top ten essential items to have before summer begins when maintaining your spring landscape design.

A good rake.

A good rake is one of the most important garden landscaping tools you will need. Clearing out all winter debris is the first thing you have to do. You will need to remove all the leaves from your grass if you want it to grow thicker and more lush. A good rake should be the first item on your spring landscaping list.


Mulch is an essential early spring landscaping supply if you don’t want your garden to be overgrown with weeds. After you have removed all weeds from the roots, spread mulch to ensure that your garden does not grow any more. Fresh mulch can also make gardens more attractive. Even though the plants still have to grow, it makes them look healthier.

Mower Blades that have been sharpened

Most likely, you already own a mower. If you don’t have one, get one. Now is the best time to sharpen your mower blades before you put it away for winter. Although it may not seem that important, if you don’t sharpen your blades before putting away your mower for winter, you’ll end up tearing the grass instead of cutting. The brown bits of thorn grass are unappetizing and can lead to fungus. If you are having issues with your mower an easy care lawn service can help.

You can ask questions in the comments about early spring landscaping supplies and easy care lawn service.

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