Wed. Apr 24th, 2024

Painting the outside of a building may seem simple, but there are guidelines to follow. In their video, “How to Prep a House Exterior for Painting,” Hyde Tools presents a demonstration of how to prepare a building before painting.

Some Paint Contains Lead

First, find out if the building has lead paint. If the lead content is unknown, there are lead testing kits at home improvement stores.) If the paint contains lead, call the local painters, so you can find a contractor certified to work with leaded paint.
Next, the building needs pressure washing to remove mold or dirt.

Video Source

After pressure washing, the old paint must be scraped off. Jeff shows the proper direction to scrape: from top to bottom.

Scraping and Sanding

Jeff tells the viewer paint scraping is tedious work. He suggests scraping the paint in sections since scraping the entire house would be exhausting. After scraping, the home needs to be sanded. An orbital sander is used.
During sanding, the worker should lay a drop cloth on the ground to collect residue. The worker can also use a sander with an attached vacuum. The sander could also be attached to a collection bag.

After these actions, painting the home begins, with priming. Prepping the home before painting is difficult work. However, it’s necessary for high-quality painting results.

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