Wed. Jun 12th, 2024

The video covered today offers a checklist when doing a home renovation and what to ask your home remodeling companies. Start by defining your project essentials. Joseph Patrick suggests categorizing into “Need,” “Want,” and “Dream” sections.

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The “Need” section covers must-haves to accomplish the project, like that additional oven. The “Want” section includes desirable but non-essential items, while the “Dream” section explores wishlist items if space allows.

Next, define your style and what activities you enjoy. Your home should be a reflection of your style and activities. Joseph emphasizes the importance of walking into your home and feeling that it resonates with you. Additionally, consider specific activities that matter most, such as creating music areas or dedicated exercise spaces.

The final step is to explore different materials beyond aesthetics. It’s crucial to consider not just how they look but how well they’ll work for your lifestyle. Moreover, specific areas like kitchens and bathrooms require careful attention to features. Joseph advises a meticulous checklist to ensure these spaces incorporate essential elements vital for functionality and aesthetics. Embarking on a home renovation can be an exciting journey, and this checklist serves as your roadmap to a successful and personalized remodel. Start your exciting home renovation journey today.


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