Wed. Jun 12th, 2024

In “How to Design the Perfect Landscape-Landscape Design 101” on the Lowes Home Improvement YouTube channel they discuss tips for landscaping property. The first step is to draw a plan for the property or the yard. Consumers can use tracing paper, a large sheet of drawing paper, or a computer program. Keep the drawing simple and list the key elements that will stay.

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After adding to the drawing, new features can be added: gardens, trees, an outdoor kitchen, a play area, or walkways.

Consumers should look at sun and shade areas on the property, how to plant on hills, privacy issues, and types of gardens that work well under those conditions. Write down goals for designing the property, for example: planting a vegetable and herb garden, adding a shade garden, water feature, or barbecue area. List the largest goal to the smallest. Keep in mind the budget when landscaping.

Look at the style of the house and try to select furniture and outdoor elements that match the design. Fences and hedges are effective installations for privacy. Pathways made of stone or gravel are less formal than those made using pacers, solid concrete, or stepping stones. A water feature adds tranquility to the property. These are some landscaping tips to consider when landscaping a yard or property.


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