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There are three main sections to a pool that you need to be aware of when it comes to the basics of pool equipment repair. Those systems are suction, filtration and pressure. Suction takes in water and introduces it to the filtration system: it pulls in from the sides and underneath if you have an in-ground pool. The filtration system cleans the water by removing debris and contaminants.

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Keep in mind that sometimes suction and filtration can be the same piece of equipment. The pressure side finally returns the water to the pool through the refill vents.

After you know the three main parts, it’s time to dig into what you have to do to repair specific areas of the pool. First, watch for clogs in the skimmer. This can happen because of leaf debris or toys getting caught in the skimmer. Much like the skimmer, there is also the main drain that you have to pay attention to. You don’t want anything caught in or around the drain.

When it comes to pool equipment repair, there are the pipes and the valves that are used to maintain the direction of the water so that you can work on the filtration system by looking for leaks and making sure that you have them fixed as soon as possible. There are several kinds of pumps and valves so make sure that you are aware of what kind that you have.


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