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Those who have an outside deck often use it as a comfy place where they can relax and enjoy the outdoors. In this video, we’re going to go through a short tutorial on things to look for to determine when it may be time for a new deck construction.

Check the existing boards: Any odd or existing boards should be replaced with new lumber. Any rotting lumber can also be dangerous and should be removed, replaced, and repainted.

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Cupping and warped boards: Rotting lumber and planks with loose wood and splinters should be replaced. Curling boards can retain moisture that doesn’t drain away. If not too damaged, existing boards can be reused by reinstalling them upside down.

Loose ledger board: These boards act as a foundation for your deck as they are connected to the frame of the house. They should be checked frequently to make sure they are in good shape with no rotting visible. They should be firmly attached to the frame of the home.

Railing repairs: All vertical pickets should be securely in place and not loose. Those that show signs of wear or are loose should be replaced. Also, to keep young kids safe, there should be no more than 4 inches between each picket.

The posts: Each post should be checked for rot and to ensure that the hardware is securely connected to the post to ensure the deck is strong and secure. The posts should be firmly in place with no shifting.

Stair repairs: Each stair should be the same size and all supports should be secure with no signs of rot. To ensure safety, each stair should be the same height and length.

By using this checklist each year, you will be sure that your deck is a safe environment to host friends and enjoy family. Replacing the wood and keeping it in good repair will keep your deck a great gathering place for years to come. Enjoy your home year-round knowing your deck is secure.

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